A blog post about blogging

Content, content, content, there’s no escaping it. As someone working in a creative industry during the time of the Internet there’s no avoiding the fact that there is an expectation upon you to produce more than just your “day job”.

We’re all supposed to tweet, Facebook, share pictures, produce videos, guides, blog posts, insightful diatribes about the state of our various industries and all while trying to find some time to fit in some work to give you something to talk about in all the aforementioned varieties of media.

Luckily however, I love producing content so here I am starting up a blog. I already tweet and Facebook about my various VoiceOver antics (and my side passion / obsession of video games) and for a while now I’ve had a relatively successfully YouTube channel with around 2,000 subscribers where I share my accent and character tips and occasionally do ridiculous voice challenge videos.

So why a blog? Well two main reasons, first I now feel confident enough in my knowledge of the industry and the points I want to add to discussions to share them with you lovely colleagues out there. I do genuinely mean “lovely colleagues” as well, of all the industries I have worked in Voice Actors, Studio Engineers, Directors and suppliers have been the nicest, sincerest and most welcoming bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of counting myself among.

Secondly, I love to share knowledge. I take great pride and happiness in sharing knowledge so that it may help someone else on their journey through this crazy ride called life. Through my YouTube channel I’ve had messages from people all over the world asking for advice, asking for my opinion on their videos or simply to say thanks for my vids. I’m also hoping to start up an in person course in the near future, so stay tuned about that….

So there you have it, a blog post about starting a blog (Google SEO should love that). I’m hoping some of you reading this now may decide to follow this blog or at least come back to check it from time to time so here’s a taster of some posts I’ve got planned:

  • Rejection in VoiceOvers – why it’s great!
  • If you’re in to animation you need this podcast!
  • Studio upgrades – Kit and thoughts
  • My trip to LA and meeting some class A voice talent
  • Why I love accents and characters
  • Why booking on Pay2Play sites are a massive pat on the back
  • My thoughts (read as RANT!) on Fiverr

I hope some of those posts sound intriguing and hope that through this blog I get to interact with more of you lovely people!

All the best!


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