LA here I come!

Richard Horvitz, Rob Paulsen, Donna Grillo, Nancy Wolfson, Chuck Duran!


This time in a week I should be just about to land at Los Angeles International airport for a whirlwind 4 days in the big city.It’s been a long time in the planning (pretty much since I was a kid) but it’s finally here and I can’t wait! For those that haven’t been following the blog or my Twitter feed (it’s alright I forgive you) I’m going to LA to meet with some fantastic people and to record two new demo’s for my voiceover career (Animation and Video Games).

I’ve got a pretty jam packed scheduled over the 4 days I’m in LA and, in reality, with travelling it’s really only two days work but boy what a 2 days it’s going to be! I really want to share this experience with you all and especially anyone out there who has an interest in VO (specifically animation) so have written this blog to let you know what I’ll be up to,when and how you can follow it! I’m going to be tweeting, taking pictures and video blogging the whole thing!

When is this happening? 26th to 29th April

  • Arrive in LA Saturday 26th April
  • Sunday 27th – Universal Studios (well when in Rome!)
  • Monday 28th – Richard Horvitz, Donna Grillo and a dinner date with Nancy Wolfson 🙂
  • Tuesday 29th – Rob Paulsen, Chuck Duran and Demo Recording!

How can you follow the trip?

Twitter – @voicejaybritton all tweets will use the #jayla hashtag
Video – Right here on the blog or my YouTube Channel

Who am I meeting?

Richard Horvitz –
PictureRichard is an extremely well known, award winning actor known for major roles in shows such as Billy and Mandy, Angry Beavers, Invader Zim and many more! I have been studying with Richard for the last month over Skype and can, without equivacation say he is an outstanding teacher who’s insight and knowledge of performance (especially animation) has been key in unlocking my own potential. On Monday I’ll be working with Richard on the copy for my two demo’s and he will in fact be directing the demo’s himself on Tuesday, can’t wait to meet him!


PictureDonna Grillo –
Donna has been a Casting and Dialogue Director for over fifteen years. She has worked at all of the major studios and independent companies that produce animation. She started at Klasky Csupo on the irreverent USA Network series, Duckman, that featured the vocal talents of Jason Alexander and Nancy Travis. Donna was then hired to head the casting department at Hanna Barbara, overseeing these cartoon series that have aired on Cartoon Network – Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and Squirrel Boy. When Hanna Barbara was sold to Warner Bros. Donna decided to work freelance. Her next job was casting Nickelodeon’s under the sea adventure, Spongebob Squarepants as well as casting The Angry Beavers, Invader Zim and The Fairly Oddparents. I’m meeting Donna to learn as much as I can from such a wealth of experience and to have a play with some copy with one of THE premier directors in the industry.


PictureNancy Wolfson –
I’ve been studying with Nancy for over 2 years and we recently did my new commercial demo together (you can hear that here) so no way could I go to LA without grabbing her for dinner! Nancy Wolfson is a private Voiceover Teacher, Coach and Consultant and freelance Casting Director for Commercials, Animation, Gaming, Audio Books, Promos and Narration. She also writes, produces, and directs demos for Voiceover talent, and is recommended by top-market talent agents as the premiere “Go To” person in advising talent on Personal Branding

PictureRob Paulsen –
Well what can I say about Mr. Paulsen? Other than the fact he’s an Emmy winning, super talented actor he’s also the man responsible for bringing many of my childhood characters to life (think Pinky and the Brain, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Biker Mice from Mars and many, many more!)

He’s also the creator of the Talkin Toons podcast and live show which you must listen to / watch if you’re into animation! I’m meeting Rob for a coaching session and to pick his brains about the industry, this is going to be fun!

PictureChuck Duran –
Chuck is the Owner and Head Producer at World Digital Studios. He has a varied and extensive background in the entertainment business, with hundreds of impressive credits to his name. From producing thousands of commercials for companies such as Nike, Chevrolet, Budweiser and so many others, to having two hit rock albums in the Japanese & European markets, to writing and performing songs in award winning movies like “My Cousin Vinny” for TV and film companies such as Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Disney. On top of this Chuck is an EXTREMELY nice guy and I can’t wait to meet him and shake his hand, oh, he’s also producing my two demo’s for me!


  1. Gary Terzza on July 4, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Sounds a fabulous trip. Have fun & learn a lot Jay.

  2. Debby Barnes on July 4, 2015 at 11:32 pm

    One word. JEALOUS. Have a flippin’ fabulous LA adventure, JB! 🙂

  3. Steve O'Neill on August 4, 2015 at 10:45 am

    Jay this sounds like a really exciting trip, I bet you are gonna bleed every second dry and have a whale of a time! Will look forward to the updates.

  4. Jay Britton on August 4, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    Thanks Deb and Steve, I’m starting to get ridiculously excited now!

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